Getting bit by the monsoons in Meghalaya

Getting bit by the monsoons in Meghalaya

Meghalaya is a Sanskrit word that means ‘clouds abode’ and is undoubtedly the wettest place I have ever seen. I chose to visit Meghalaya in June during the monsoons because it is when the mountains come alive. Most of the days I spent here were either raining or  misty and the mist was not merely fog but little particles of water flying. This means if you are riding a bike in the mist you will be wet to your underwear. This was the first time I was riding solo and even visiting an unknown place without Priya and this time I had no plans either. Continue reading

Pack up your bags and visit Goa like never before

Visit Goa like never before

Me and Priya have visited Goa a couple of times but this time it was a mix bag. And in this bag you will find a beautiful sleepy Portuguese town, a bustling ride me happy road and some mouth watering authentic Goan cuisines. Goa is like a fridge where everyone comes to chill. But it wasn’t like this until the nineties when the state saw a surge of tourists. In Goa there are three distinctive ethnicities; Christians, Hindus and Muslims.  Continue reading

Getting out of the contemporary for a perfect getaway

A perfect getaway to Kumaon in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is popularly known as ‘Dev Bhoomi’ or the land of Gods and is home to millions of devotees. It is a diverse state with soaring Himalayan peaks, busy cities, jungles and a holy land with renowned temples and ashrams. Over the years many people have visited this sacred land for peace, pursue spiritualism, adventure and a getaway for happiness. Continue reading

Why do we keep visiting Kerala?

I guess this is why Kerala is God's own country

This is one of the questions that we keep hearing from a lot of people we know. But I got a counter question to respond to it, Why not? Kerala is one state that I am proud to have experienced. I love their culture and is very different from the rest of the country. Where the rest of the country is more bent towards capitalism, Kerala on the other hand fights to protect its natural resources.  Continue reading

Skylines of Coron island in Palawan, the Philippines

Skylines of Coron

The skylines of the Coron islands in Palawan seems to be hand crafted by the greatest artist nature itself. It is a small fishermen island nested in a beautiful landscape and divine diving spots. The islands are soon becoming crowded with tourists from all around the world after it got rated highly in Nat Geo. So if you like explorations and are okay with limited options and unlimited beauty then you better hurry. Continue reading

Riding a bike into God’s own country, Kerala

Wayanad, Kerala

I could not think of anything better than a bike to go around God’s country, Kerala. Why bike of all? was what all the people except Priya asked. It’s quite simple I work, save, travel and repeat. I work in a cubicle and a car feels nothing better than a cubicle with visual screens on all sides. Where as a bike is the thing which tests me, feels me and gets  me to the edge. Its the whole package which includes: Continue reading