in Kerala

This is one of the questions that we keep hearing from a lot of people we know. But I got a counter question to respond to it, Why not? Kerala is one state that I am proud to have experienced. I love their culture and is very different from the rest of the country. Where the rest of the country is more bent towards capitalism, Kerala, on the other hand, fights to protect its natural resources.

They have conserved natural resources from centuries and they pass on this legacy to their generations in their culture and festivals.

Kerala is the southernmost state in India with a tropical climate. Kerala is accessible by air, train, and occasional sea voyages. The weather is awesome all year round with heavy monsoons. We have never been to Kerala in the monsoons but will be making it before we die.

Kerala is a reward from God itself

Fisherman retrieving with their catch of the day

Kerala has been rewarded by God with plenty of fresh water, clean air, primordial greenery, mountains, landscape, tigers and its prized gold, the spices. For centuries people across continents have visited this landmark admiring its valuables. It is the place that one cannot experience everything in just one visit.

Cruising the backwaters of Kerala

A part of Kerala is also referred to as the Venice because of the interconnected rivers, canals, channels, backwaters, and lagoons. The other part is covered with beautiful high mountains and beautifully trimmed tea estates and coffee estates. It is the northern part in Munnar and Wayanad district which are renown for its beautiful and green landscapes. It also has a 900 km long coastal line with rocky and sandy beaches. These beaches have welcomed many people from across the world and one of them was Vasco Da Gama.

Why visit Kerala in the monsoons?

Storm is coming

Beauty cannot be cheap, its unromantic but true that during monsoons there are big discounts on airfares and hotels. Being blessed by nature and God, Kerala’s best asset is its people. The incredible warmth in their welcome and in their smile never fades away, even during the monsoon’s heavy pouring. Apart from the discounts, there are not many tourists and the streets are free of congestion. Well my hopes are pretty high for the next monsoon and I am pretty sure that I won’t be disappointed.


Though most of the time will be spent under a shelter with rains all day long,  poetically it can be romantic moments, just hearing the rains drop. The monsoons are also a festival period of Onam which celebrates the homecoming of the legendary King Mahabali. Monsoon is also considered to be the best time for Ayurvedic spa and above all they are offered at a discounted rate as low as 50%. Although Kerala is green all year round but it is even more vibrantly green in the monsoons. I can’t think of anything else about why we should not visit during the monsoons. Yet this is one more reason to  why we keep visiting Kerala.


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