About us

We are a travel-loving married couple based in Gurgaon, India. We own a small research-based firm in the city which has been running over 6 years, providing us a small but steady flow of income. Our business takes up most of our time, but every so often we take off for an adventure and indulge in our passions: travel and photography. We love exploring new ways of experiencing a place.

We started Trekpedition not only as a way of reaching travel lovers, but also to instigate non-travelers to discover the magic of visiting new places and experiencing different cultures. It is a big world out there, most of which lies untouched, waiting to be explored and discovered. We aim to uncover many such places and bring to you the best and the worst travel experiences, information and photographs.

We have not given up our business to pursue our love for traveling but we do not let that affect our wanderlust. We are constantly looking for newer, better and safer ways to experience a country and spend our time in the city planning for the same. Our travel choices range from splurging to mid-range travelling to backpacking. All pictures in Trekpedition are shot by Abhinash and the stories are written by Priya.

What can you expect from Trekpedition?

Useful info like where to stay, what to eat, which places to visit, what mode of transport to use, travel gear to carry, which telecom operator to use, how to converse with locals, possible health hazards, which airlines to fly with, etc. will be shared with you.

What kind of travel stories will be shared by Trekpedition?

While researching on a destination, we feel the need for more more stories explained in pure and simple words. Travel experiences are different for everyone and each traveler’s story is worth sharing.

We believe in sharing our experiences as they come; so you can expect it all- the good, the bad and the ugly. Apart from stories about our tryst with the locals, we will tell you what surprised and shocked us. Through these travel stories, we hope that we will enrich your own experience of the place. We will tell you what we feel about the food or stay, tourist attractions and transportation methods. We will share the problems we faced during our trip and how we could have avoided them. Mostly, our travel stories aim to boost your confidence about a new place and inspire you to pack your bags for the adventure. 🙂

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