in Palawan

The skylines of the Coron islands in Palawan seems to be handcrafted by the greatest artist nature itself. It is a small fishermen island nestled in a beautiful landscape and divine diving spots. The islands are soon becoming crowded with tourists from all around the world after it got rated highly in Nat Geo. So if you like explorations and are okay with limited options and unlimited beauty then you better hurry.

There are regular flights from Manila and Cebu to reach Busuanga and then take a taxi to reach Coron. Flights to Busuanga get delayed often. The delay can be overnight as the runway in Busuanga don’t have lights. It can be a set back if you are tightly scheduled.

A comfortable stay in Coron

First light of the Sun

The main town on the island is Busuanga. There were quite a lot of places to stay in and around the place when we visited. They extend from a few expensive and luxurious resorts to plenty of comfortable guest houses and lodges. Without a doubt, Filipinos are the friendliest people we have met in our travels. If you are able to befriend one then they would surely invite you to stay a night. We spent hardly on our stay and heavily on the transports to hop islands.
Ridiing a Bangka in the Philippines

The landscape of the islands is right from the movies King Kong or Jurassic Park. Renting a private boat known as Bangka is pretty expensive. In a group Bangka, the boat and its fare are shared with other local and foreign tourists. To escape the crowd at the beaches we rented a private Bangka and it was worth it.

You should not miss hopping islands

Hopping islands in Coron

The ancestors of Coron are the Tagbanua who are primarily fishermen. As tourism grows in the region, giving a ride to tourists seems to be a more lucrative business for them. To get around the beautiful islands you will need a Bangka and a captain. Head down to the market pier and hire a captain with an authentic Bangka. There are a couple of places around Coron that you should not miss:

  • Kayangan lake,
  • Barracuda lake,
  • Banol Beach,
  • Twin Lagoon

Our pristine sea

If you love beaches then this place is paradise. The island is made up of Blackstone and limestone. Therefore, there is a big spread of white sand beaches everywhere. There are beautiful places for diving and snorkeling. Don’t forget to carry a snorkel set while planning a visit.

Important questions that pop while planning a trip to Coron

Coron islands

Are there ATMs’ in Coron?

Yes, there are a couple of ATMs’ at the airport in Busuanga and Coron.

Are credit cards and debit cards from India accepted there?

Yes, most of the eating joints, guest houses and shops accept VISA and MASTER cards irrespective of the banks. Although most of the places in Coron accept cards cash is widely used.

Is there internet access?

Yes, 3G on local sim cards that we purchased from Manila worked great in the town area. Also, most of the guest houses and lodges offer free wifi to their guests.

Do they serve vegetarian?

Luckily yes, Filipinos know what a vegetarian meal and they serve a lot of leafy vegetables and carrots in their vegetable dishes. Heres a story by Priya, to help you further.

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