in Cebu

There’s a lot more to experience in the Philippines than crazy parties in Boracay and hopping islands in the Palawan. Cebu is a tourist hub with plenty of things to do and can get a lot crowded during public holidays and awesome weather; summers.

Beautiful sunset in Maboal

Pumping adrenaline into the canyons of Moalboal

Moalboal can be reached from Cebu city by bus or taxi and we took the AC bus. It is about six hours drive and the road is pretty as it goes along the sea and faces West. So we decided to take the bus at 2 pm so that we will be able to see the sunset all the way long. There are a number of places to stay in Moalboal and they range from budget lodges and homestay to expensive beach resorts.

Pumping adrenaline to jump the waterfalls in canyons

I had never imagined I would be jumping off cliffs and waterfalls through narrow canyons in Moalboal.

There are adventure groups and companies that operate to take you to experiences that are away from beaches and crowds through the forests and adventurous nature trail. This nature trail consists of snakes, monkeys, bears, river, and waterfalls.

Taking the leap of faith

Making up our minds to take the leap of faith

Coming this far from India and not seeing the Kawasan falls wouldn’t have done justice, so we went offbeat to trail the river that pumps the beautiful Kawasan falls. The water that flows through canyon starts from the Kanloab river up in the mountains and ends with the majestic Kawasan falls before meeting the sea. Not many people opt to hike between narrow canyons and jump waterfalls because of fear of heights and we were new to the concept of canyoneering. Even hiking in the snow-clad mountains of Kashmir matches nowhere to the gut feeling we got when we were going to make the first jump. The jump was about 15 feet into a narrow hole to start our adventure through the canyon. It took us a while to prepare for that leap of faith.

Canyoneering in Malboal

After waiting for about 15 minutes and listening to the guide’s crazy motivational speech we took the leap of faith and I cannot explain the adrenaline that rushed into our veins. This was it and we were flying with the RedBull wings. This wasn’t the only jump we were going to make. There are going to be several other jumps from waterfalls, sliding down the narrow bends, man-size holes and cliffs.

Canyons that lead to Kawasang falls

It ends with the majestic Kawasan falls

The highest jump we made without breaking a bone was from a cliff of 30 meters, which is as high as the second floor of any multi-story building. We went with Planet Action Adventure, which operates several such adventure tours and provides their guests with all the equipment they might require. There are several others that can take you to a small group or just you at different prices. If you get a chance to visit Cebu make sure that you include Kawasan falls in your itinerary and if you are an adventure junky, make sure you trail the river that pumps the Kawasan falls.

The majestic Kawasang falls

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