in Kerala

Treks are not just limited to hiking in the mountains or climbing big rocks, it is to find the adventure where ever you travel to. We never found a reason to not to travel to Kerala. We don’t need a reason to experience the sun come up from the rice fields of Kumarakom and go down in the Vembanad lake which can be just a few hours of walk or half an hour ride on a bike (bicycle). There is no perfect season to visit God’s own country.

Every weather here is a picturistic dream come true. I have been here a couple of times in the winters and in the autumn. As this place is very near to the equator, it is thought that the temperature will be hot and humid like in Chennai or Mumbai. But to surprise you all there is always a cool breeze that won’t make you feel uncomfortable. For us who try to seek adventure in all of our trips, we found five reasons why you should not think of it just another romantic destination.

Sunrise in Kumarakom

Remote villages with generous people by heart

Whether you love to ride bicycles or love to walk like us, Kumarakom can really surprise you.  We stayed in Kottayam and is pretty far away from the National Highway that leads to various cities of Kerala. The village is surprisingly peaceful and has pretty awesome places to stay the night. There are a couple of five-star resorts with huge properties like Taj and Abad just on the Vembanad lake. And there are amazing homestays on the canals that lead to Vembanad Lake. Kottayam is a fisherman’s village so if you take an early morning walk or ride through the village you will find many leaving on their boats to find the catch of the day. Tilapia is one of the most common fish found here. And above all, they won’t mind if you join them for a fishing trip.

Fisherman leaving early

Mind blowing food of Kerala

If you are food savvy then you are truly in paradise, there is no other place for a food lover than the God’s own country. Rice and fish are the staples are here but be ready to experience the punch of coconut in everything that you eat. Coconut does not seem out of place here but tends to add some magical flavors to the food. This is not just it, beef (buff) and pork are the savories here.

Amazingly beautiful landscape

Sunset in Ernakulam, Kerala

The landscapes of this place are straight from the painter’s imagination. The colorful sunrise and sunsets add vibrant colors to the landscape. We took the above photograph while returning from a fishing trip in the Vembanad lake. The lake is connected to a number of canals which connects places like Alleppey. People mostly prefer to commute by boats as most of the houses are beside the canals.

Busy waterways in Vembanad, Kerala

Kerala gets mysterious in the rain

Hill stations in Kerala like Wayanad and Munnar are popular in the summers and winters. But they become drastically different in the rains. Walking into the tea plantations of Wayanad during rains to see how green it can get. Hire a small boat to row around Pookod lake in Wayanad and you’ll have the whole lake to yourself. Clothes get wet and feet become muddy but the experience of Kerala in the rains is unparalleled.

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