How not to get scammed by taxi drivers in Manila?

Metro Manila

If you have read my previous stories, you’ll know that before going to a foreign nation, I do a ton of research. The most amount of time I spend reading is “beware” or “safety” in a country. This is particularly important while holidaying in a developing country, otherwise, you’ll find yourself in many unpleasant situations.

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Arriving in the Philippines and getting around Manila

Skylines of Manila

We departed from Chennai in the midnight, had a brief halt in Kuala Lumpur and reached Manila by 8 in the morning. Metro Manila is the largest business city of the country and is known for its skylines, congestion, mix culture and its concrete jungle. People either come here for business or use it as a transit to go to other places in the Philippines. But unlike other metros, Manila has a beautiful harbor overlooking the skylines.

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